Huixin Environmental Protection sincerely invites you to participate in the 25th China Environmental Expo

Dear customers and industry colleagues, hello!

Fujian Huixin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Huixin Environmental Protection), as a national high-tech enterprise listed on the Strait Equity Exchange Center, we focus on R&D, consulting, manufacturing, and operation as our core businesses, and have always been at the forefront of the production of solid waste treatment equipment supply frontier. We focus on the R&D and production of small and medium-sized waste treatment equipment, and have won wide recognition in the market with our superb technology and excellent quality.

With its strong R&D strength and technological innovation, Huixin Environmental Protection has successfully passed the national ISO system certification, CE certification and SGS certification, and won many awards such as the National Science and Technology Innovation Award. We know that behind every honor is the trust and support of our customers, so we value every cooperation with you even more.

At this exhibition, we will comprehensively display the latest technological achievements and product applications of Huixin Environmental Protection in the field of solid waste treatment, and discuss with you the development trends and challenges of the environmental protection industry. We firmly believe that through in-depth exchanges and cooperation, we will jointly promote the progress of environmental protection and contribute to building a green and beautiful ecological environment.

We look forward to your visit to witness the brilliant achievements of Huixin Environmental Protection and to seek the future development of environmental protection. Let us go hand in hand to create a green future!

Recommended Exhibits

Mechanical Grate Incinerator

Technical advantages

1. The interior of the furnace adopts segmented combustion, which consists of three parts: drying, incineration and ash, so that the garbage incineration process is always maintained in the best state.

2. The first hydraulically driven movable grate in China. The garbage is evenly distributed under the push of the grate, and the incineration capacity is more efficient than traditional ones.

3. Using unique secondary oxygen supply technology, the furnace has high combustion temperature and good sealing performance. It is equipped with a secondary combustion chamber and the residence time of high-temperature flue gas is greater than 3 seconds, which controls the generation of secondary pollution to the greatest extent and eliminates toxic and harmful gases. Such as the production of dioxin. Flue gas emissions meet the national emission standards in GB18485-2014 "Pollution Control Standards for Domestic Waste Incineration".

4. It can process all domestic waste without classification. It can be processed directly after collection.

5. Without adding any combustion accelerant, you only need to start the ignition function of the burner. After stable operation, it completely relies on its own calorific value to continue pyrolysis and gasification processing, which greatly reduces operating costs.

6. The entire operation process is automatically controlled by PLC and operated by LCD touch screen. It is easy to use and operates stably.

7. No smoke or odor can be seen in the daily operation of the equipment. The emissions meet the standards and have no impact on the surrounding environment and residents.

8. Recycling can be considered: a. The water heating boiler can supply hot water to surrounding residents. b. Adding a steam turbine can generate electricity. c. Adding a waste heat boiler can generate steam.

Domestic Waste High Temperature Pyrolysis Gasification Incinerator

Technical advantages

1. Based on the characteristics of my country's garbage, the high-temperature pyrolysis incineration system realizes a two-stage combustion treatment process in which the garbage is first pyrolyzed and gasified and then burned with oxygen-rich combustion, so that the residual thermal ignition rate and leaching toxicity of the complete combustion of the garbage are lower than the national standard . This technology is at the leading level in the country and is a relatively safe and economical waste incineration treatment technology.

2. Since the secondary combustion chamber of the incinerator burns gas and the excess air coefficient is small, the amount of flue gas generated by pyrolysis incineration is less than that of direct incineration, especially the content of pollutants such as heavy metals in the flue gas is less. It is beneficial to the purification of flue gas and reduces secondary pollution and treatment costs of flue gas emissions.

3. The pyrolysis incineration process is carried out under low-oxygen conditions, which reduces the generation of dioxin precursors. The temperature in the secondary combustion chamber is as high as 1100°C, and the flue gas residence time exceeds 2S, which can quickly decompose dioxin-like substances, thus Reduce the content of heavy metals, dioxins and other harmful substances in the fly ash emitted after garbage incineration, and greatly reduce the secondary pollution caused by incineration to the environment.

4. The system flue gas purification adopts semi-dry desulfurization adsorption and dust removal process, which has good flue gas treatment effect and does not produce secondary pollution.

Village And Town Level Garbage Incinerator

Technical features

1. The interior of the furnace adopts grate combustion, which consists of drying, combustion and ash burning sections to keep the garbage incineration process in the best state.

2. The use of unique furnace and secondary combustion chamber combustion technology, good sealing performance, and thermal oxygen supply technology control the generation of secondary pollution to the greatest extent and eliminate the generation of toxic and harmful gases such as dioxin. Flue gas emissions meet GB18485-2014 Domestic Waste Incineration Pollution Control Standard) China National Emission Standards.

3. All organic waste can be processed without complicated classification, sorting and pre-processing. It can be processed directly after collection, including waste plastics, rubber, petroleum pollutants, animal carcasses, etc.

4. Without adding any combustion accelerant, it only needs to be ignited by combustible materials such as paper, board, wood chips, etc. After stable operation, it completely relies on its own heat for continuous incineration processing, which greatly reduces operating costs.

5. Low processing cost, small floor space, and low construction investment. At the same time, the furnace makes full use of the high-temperature flue gas generated by the garbage itself to achieve energy circulation, reduce energy consumption, and save auxiliary deep materials.

6. The normal operation of the equipment will see no smoke, dust, and odor emissions that meet the standards and will have no impact on the surrounding environment and residents.

7. Easy to operate: ordinary workers can operate it through training, and maintenance is very simple.

Mobile Truck-mounted Container Garbage Disposal Station


1. Simple and convenient operation, smokeless, odorless, fast burning speed, small footprint, low operating cost and easy maintenance

2. Small mechanical grate incinerators are suitable for airports, plazas, hospitals, stations, ports, high-speed service areas, cruise ships and other ships. The equipment can be placed in containers or on trucks to be designed as a vehicle-mounted incinerator. In addition, waste heat can be utilized system, which can utilize steam or hot water or hot air. Steam can be used in hotels, hospitals, canteens, papermaking, beer, pharmaceuticals, food, clothing, laundry plants, electroplating (surface treatment), etc.; hot water can be used in schools, hotels, communities, etc.; hot air can be used in schools, hotels, communities, etc. Heating and drying fish, tea, rice, grain, food, etc.

3. The incinerator is installed in a container. The combustion capacity of the incinerator is about 100~200 kg/hour. The container is equipped with lighting, electricity, safety equipment and ventilation systems. They are operated by PLC in the control panel. It can handle solid waste and hazardous substances quickly, efficiently and conveniently.