The business scale of the national environmental protection industry is expected to exceed the 3 trillion mark in 2024

Environmental protection is an enduring topic. Why do we focus on the environmental protection industry?

Why is environmental protection important?

First, environmental protection is about ecological sustainability. In the face of increasingly serious environmental problems, protecting the earth's ecological balance is crucial to the survival and development of future generations. Environmental protection reflects social responsibility. As society's awareness of environmental protection increases, it has become a consensus to participate in environmental protection actions and form a green development atmosphere.

  • 1. National policy-oriented

National policies have provided strong support to the environmental protection industry by promulgating a series of policies and measures to support the development of the environmental protection industry. These policies include fiscal subsidies, tax incentives, financial support, etc., aiming to reduce the operating costs of the environmental protection industry, improve its market competitiveness, and promote its rapid development.

Special fund subsidy

Special fund subsidies refer to funds allocated by the state or relevant departments or superior departments with specially designated purposes or special purposes.

  • 2. The rural strategy of the environmental protection industry is emerging

On January 1, 2015, the national policy suddenly became stricter. In this year, the new environmental protection law, known as the "most stringent in history", came into effect. The passage and implementation of this law marks a major change in China's environmental protection policy and strengthens the growing scale of the environmental protection industry, becoming a new round of traffic blue ocean market.

Changes in the revenue scale of China's environmental protection industry from 2016 to 2023

Reaching 2.7 trillion yuan in 2023

  • 3. The environmental protection market has broad future prospects

The future prospects of the environmental protection industry are very broad and positive. As the world pays increasing attention to climate change and environmental issues, the environmental protection industry will usher in significant development opportunities in many aspects. The policy level will provide a strong impetus. In order to deal with environmental problems, governments of various countries will introduce more strict environmental protection regulations and standards, thereby prompting enterprises and individuals to pay more attention to environmental protection and create a favorable environment for the development of the environmental protection industry. In addition, the government will increase investment in the environmental protection industry, promote the research and development and application of related technologies, and promote industrial upgrading.

According to the forecast of experts from China Environment Network, China’s environmental protection industry revenue data from 2024 to 2029

4.8 trillion yuan in 2029

  • 4. Huixin Environmental Protection’s unique advantages

01. Unique financing model

Adopt the project financing model and use the future income of the project as the source of repayment to reduce the company's debt risk and early financial pressure, etc.

02. Diversified capital arrangement plan

Based on the project progress and funding needs, we will develop a detailed funding arrangement plan, including financing amount, financing period, flexible repayment methods, etc.

03. Cooperative bank selection and advantage analysis

1. Priority is given to large domestic commercial banks with good reputation, rich experience and professional teams for cooperation.

2. The selected bank should have advantages such as strong financial strength, low financing costs, and complete service network to ensure the smooth progress of project financing.